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Wendy M. Grossman: who?

Wendy M. Grossman is an American freelance writer based in London. I write a weekly column that runs on Fridays called net.wars. I also write for publications such as Scientific American, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, The Register, The Inquirer, and ZDNet UK. I am also founder and former editor (twice) of the British magazine The Skeptic, and still write a column for it and also one on skepticism for the Philosopher's Magazine. You can read samples of my work here. I have written or edited five books, and have appeared on many TV and radio programs either as a skeptic commenting on paranormal claims or as an expert commentator on Internet issues. Contact information is here.

Professional affiliations:

Former affiliations: Books:
  • Why Statues Weep: Best of The Skeptic (editor, 2011).
  • The Daily Telegraph Small Business Guide to Networking (Macmillan 2003)
  • From Anarchy to Power: the Net Comes of Age (NYU Press 2001)
  • The Daily Telegraph A-Z Guide to the Internet (Macmillan 2001)
  • net.wars, NYU Press 1998
  • Remembering the Future: Interviews from Personal Computer World (editor, Springer Verlag 1996)
Other credits:
  • Contributor to the Blindside project blog and wiki.
  • Co-writer, report on statistical analysis of human rights violations in Sierra Leone with the Human Rights Data Analysis Group (in progress, 3/06).
  • Copy editor, No Lobbyists As Such, by Florian Mueller (2005).
  • Media appearances on skeptical and Internet topics, including the BBC's Newsnight, Click Online, Kilroy, Whale On..., Esther, Central Weekend, and many more, both TV and radio.
  • Served on the Program Committee for CFP in 2000, 2002, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
  • Helped run the Fleet Street Forum, first on CompuServe, then on LineOne, and now on SmartGroups.
  • Produced one album, Roseville Fair (1980).
wg on car, 1997
wg, July 1997 ("How fast was that car going?" -- Andrew Ward). Photo by and copyright (c) Tony Sleep. Used by permission..
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